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MZGjevci is an online media asset that offers news in the subject of technology, science, conspiracy theories, finance and more. Made and managed by Spletex.


RsBazar is an online web application that offers services for people in the Runescape community. Made by Spletex.


AlienCode is a tutorial based website which offers guides and examples in HTML, CSS, JS and more. Made and managed by Spletex


Do you sell on credit?


Can I pay in multiple instalments?

Yes, as long as you pay upfront and we are clear about what will be done for what amount of money.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Bank wires, Bitcoin.

What are "plugins"?

Plugins are like apps on your phone. They are used in Wordpress. They are added to enhance functionality of a website, used by developers who don`t code by themself. With us you don`t ever have to pay monthly fees for plugins.

Do you use Wordpress to develop your websites?

No, everything is custom made, without prepicked themes and plugins.

How much time do you need to finish a website?

Depending on the complexity and length it could take around 1-2 weeks or more to finish a website.

What does optimization and responsiveness mean and are they included in the price?

Optimization is improving discoverability of the website to search engines and involves changing page titles, increasing page load speeds, minimizing poor user experience, using the right keywords and responsiveness means the website can be used on phones and other devices. They are both included into the price.

How do I know if im gonna be happy with the end product?

We will be working with you and showing the progress every day so you will have a chance to let us know if something needs changing and we will do it immediately.

What is the expense of running a website for a year?

Usually it is around 20-30$ for hosting, 20$ for domain and 50$ for maintenence per year but if you want to run a large website with a lot of features the costs can be a lot higher.